What to Look for When Buying an Ionizer

What to Look for When Buying an Ionizer

Many people today understand the health benefits of drinking alkaline water. One of the best ways to get alkaline ionized water is when you get it directly from a water ionizer machine.  Buying an ionizer

Before you purchase any alkaline water, you need to understand how water ionizers operate. They are electronic systems that transform regular tap water into healthy and safe drinking water.

All Ionizers Are Not Built the Same

The benefits of drinking alkaline water is now well known.  Because of this, there have been a number of different companies that have brought water ionizers to the marketplace.  It is very important to be aware  that not all ionizers are built the same so it is very important that you know exactly what you are getting before you make your purchase.

Do Cheap Machines Produce the Quality Water?

Most people these days look to the internet to get information before making a purchase.  When a search is initiated, lots of different brands will come up. Unfortunately, people often make the price of the machine their number one priority when making their decision about which ionizer to purchase. However, this is a huge mistake. When a machine is cheaper, it is often just that!  Cheaper in every way! If a cheap ionizer doesn’t work properly or isn’t built to last, it may not be worth it to at any price.

Is the Company Going to be Around When You Need Them?

Spend some time researching how long the company has been manufacturing ionizers. After all, this is a considerable investment in your family’s health. Setting some time to do your due diligence will pay off in the end.

The longer a company has been in the water ionizer business helps to provide data that they are established and credible. For example,  EnagicEnagic  was the original water ionizer company and has been selling ionizers longer than any other company in the world.   Many companies have flashy websites, however, they come and go quickly.  Enagic, the manufacture of the Kangen Water machines, is in the water ionizer business for the long haul.

Does the Manufacturer Specialize in Ionizers or Do They Make Many Products?

Does the company that you want to buy from sell other products or do they specialize in water ionizers? Usually a company that specializes has a narrow focus so they can make sure the few products they offer are the best.

Look to see where the product was made. Some products will tell you they are made in the United States or Japan but they do not offer proof.  Is the company an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or are they simply a reseller?

What Materials Are Used Inside of the Machine

Check to see what type of material the ionizer is made from. The best ones have solid plates that use platinum coated titanium because it is stable and effective in producing alkaline water.

Some of the less expensive ionizers use platinum but they mix it with other materials such as aluminum and copper that make it cheaper to manufacture. You want to avoid these other metals being exposed to your drinking water which can be detrimental to your health.  Remember, water is very soluble and absorbs things easily!

Going Cheap Can Sometimes Be Very Expensive

Settling for a cheap ionizer will be more expensive in the long run since a good quality ionizer will last longer and will require a lot less maintenance.   Also, a quality ionizer can be repaired if something goes wrong.  Often the cheap brands are meant to be disposable – you throw it away and buy again.  Enagic has repair centers not just in multiple places in the the United States, but all over the world!

Green Cleaning

Also, look for how long the filters  last and the price for replacement filter cost.
Machines with antivirus and antibacterial filters will always function at maximum levels as long as they are replaced as scheduled.

Some water ionizers have an ORP meter built-in, but most of the meters on these devices are not accurate and they need frequent cleaning and recalibration. If the ionizer does have this feature, have it tested first for accuracy.

The Right Ionizer Will Give You the Best Water

Benefits of Alkaline WaterBefore you purchase an alkaline water machine make sure you know why you’re getting one. You want to understand what the machine can and cannot do so you have realistic expectations. You should buy knowing that water from the tap and even bottled water isn’t safe to drink.

Getting the Right Machine for Your Needs

Another thing to consider is installation of the machines. If possible, we recommend you get a demonstration of the machine itself. You will need to consider the right type of installation for your home or office.  With counter top installation, the ionizer is hooked up to your faucet and sits next to the sink.  With direct plumbing, the device is plumbed into the main water line and sits close to the sink. Since the machine is not hooked up to your normal faucet, an additional faucet will be needed with direct plumbing. The advantage of this kind of installation is that you will have a dedicated faucet just for your ionizer.

under the counter ionizerUnder the sink installation is nice as the machine is out of site and takes up no counter space. However, the installation process is the most involved and requires a plumber and an electrician.

In order to help you find out what option is best for you, speak with your ionizer distributor as they can guide you through this process.

Anybody Can Say They Are the Best.  Who Has the Certifications to Prove It?

When purchasing an ionizer, you want to know key things about the manufacturer and maintenance of the machines. What standards do the company adhere to? How do you clean the machines & get repairs done?

Certification from the ISO organization proves that the company spent time, money and research in order to develop the product. When a manufacturing plant has this 3rd party certification, you will be guaranteed that they have met the minimum standards.

The only ionizer currently in the United States that has the ISO Medical Device certification is Enagic.

The reason this certification is so important is that it validates to the quality of the materials that are used inside of the machine.  If other brands could get this certification, they would.  If you are considering buying an ionizer that doesn’t have this certification, there should be a huge red flag as to why they don’t have it.

Does the company have the Water Quality Gold Seal Standard for the quality of the water they produce? At the time this article was written, Enagic was the only ionizer manufacturer in the world to have this  standard.

Consider this analogy, all cars run off an engine but that does not mean they are all built the same. This applies to ionizers in the same way.  All water ionizers also have an electrolysis chamber, and this is where the aforementioned platinum coated titanium comes into play.  If an ionizer is working properly, it is ionizing the minerals naturally occurring in the water. Over time, these minerals can build up on the plates. The best ionizers have an automatic cleaning process plus additional ways to remove the minerals from the plates.

Where are the Repair Centers?  All Machines Eventually Need Maintenance

Since ionizers are machines, it means even the best built ones will still need repairs. Is the ionizer you are buying repairable, or are you expected to just throw it away after a few years and buy a new one (which is a very expensive process)? If it is repairable, find out where the closest repair center is.  Some companies say they have a lifetime warranty, but what does this really mean? What company could ever afford to stay in business, but provide limitless repairs at no cost.    As soon as a company makes a claim that can’t be substantiated, this should be a red flag.

There are many alkaline water ionizers to choose from, but in terms of quality and dependability, the Enagic Leveluk SD501 and Enagic’s K8 ionizer are the best and most economical options.   In the long run you will  spend far less money AND get  superior safe drinking water that is unparalleled  with powerful antioxidants and ability to be absorbed.


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