What to look for when buying an ionizer

What to look for when buying an ionizer?

One of the most popular household appliances today is a water ionizer. Because of the known health benefits of ionized water, many families and individuals are driven to purchase their own ionizers in order to promote better health within their homes. However, with the many options available now in the market, you might not know which one to get when buying an ionizer. Here are the important tips you ought to keep in mind as you go shopping for this important investment:

  •  Look for people who are getting results from a machine that is more than one years old.  There are many ionizers on the market that claim results.  However, are they still getting results after three months, six months, or even a year?  All of these machines are serious investments.  If your machine doesn’t give you results for long, what kind of value are you actually getting?
  • Buy from the original manufacturer. When it comes to this specialized equipment, it is best to go to the source rather than purchase from a reseller. This way, you can be guaranteed of a warranty service. In line with this, make sure to avoid buying an ionizer that says the warranty becomes void when you run hard water through it.
  • Check the ongoing support you will get. If you buy from a reputable company that is known to provide sufficient, ongoing support for its customers, then this can ensure you of consumer satisfaction because you can at least avail of needed assistance in case you run into problems while using your ionizer.
  •  Definitely read the fine print. In connection to the two prior tips here, you should find out what the warranty covers and if the manufacturer can actually deliver. Although it may say “lifetime warranty,”  some buyers end up alone and lost when something goes wrong.
  • Go for a medical grade machine. In buying an ionizer, it is essential that your choice product is recommended by doctors and hospitals.
  • Choose a real award-winning product. Although some sellers claim that their ionizers have won awards and have been granted particular certificates, do your own research to verify these. You never know who is actually telling the truth.
  • Select one with a salt-water chamber. This is necessary to come up with electrolyzed oxidizing water that has 2.5 pH in order to exterminate all microorganisms as well as the high alkaline 11.5pH waters.



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