What is Kangen Water?

What is Kangen Water ™ ?

1) Alkaline. Disease thrives in an acidic environment, and our bodies readily become acidic due to what we eat, the air we breathe, exercise, stress, etc. Although our blood maintains a stable pH, it does this by drawing alkaline resources from other places, for example, calcium from bones. The water’s alkalinity means it is an excellent preventative for anyone, even someone young and healthy.

2) A potent anti-oxidant. The ionization process splits the water molecules so they are able to capture the free radicals that do all kinds of damage in our bodies. ORP, oxidation-reduction potential, is used to measure a substance’s anti-oxidant potency. As one example, people talk about green tea. Its ORP value is around -100. Kangen water’s ORP is below -300 (or much less, depending on the source water). A positive ORP means a substance is oxidizing, instead of anti-oxidizing. Bottled and filtered waters generally have a positive ORP, in addition to often being acidic.

3) Micro-clustered. Water molecules tend to clump in large clusters not readily absorbed by cell walls. The ionization process clusters the water into an ideal hexagonal structure that is easily absorbed because of the reduced size. No matter how pure water may be, it cannot help much if our body cannot efficiently use it. With our cells absorbing lots of fresh, clean water, they are able to flush toxins out of the body.

It is the Gold Standard

An Internet search for Kangen water may reveal conflicting information or scam warnings. Enagic is the gold standard to which other ionizer vendors compare themselves, and which none beats. Competing machines, which may appear cheaper, range from ineffective—not enough wattage to thoroughly ionize the water and make a difference—to dangerous—the titanium plates inside are not properly coated and risk leaching heavy metals into the water. Enagic has several models of ionizers that range in price to match various needs. Most people desire Enagic’s flagship ionizer, the SD501. However, Enagic has less expensive models, and is up-front about each machine’s capabilities.

Enagic LeveLuk-SD501 Kangen Water ™ Machine Summary

5 year full warranty / 15 year life span

  • Seven 4.75”x7” dipped, platinum-covered, solid (no slots/mesh) titanium electrolysis plates (can be cleaned/refurbished)
  • Published license, numerous certifications (including as an ISO Medical Device), other awards, recognitions and memberships
  • Extreme PH levels of 2.5 for disinfecting and 11.5 for produce cleaning, etc.—eliminates many household cleaning chemicals
  • High 230-watt continuous power to produce stable hexagonal ionized alkaline Kangen Water ™



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