Best Way to Store & Transport Kangen Water

Best Way to Store & Transport Kangen Water

Tip of the Day with Marianne Greer from Portland Kangen Water in historic Florence, Italy,

Tip for the Day – Kangen Water Has Four Properties to Consider When Storing or Transporting

The water is time, light, air and motion sensitive. So, if you need to store the water, doing so properly will help extend the shelf life.  How you store it, where you store it and what you store the water in are all important considerations in order to maximize the benefits of the water.

Kangen Water is Time Sensitive

What this means is that after about 2 1/2 days, the extra energy will no longer be in the water.  When you can drink the water fresh off of an Enagic machine, you will get the most benefit and the best results.

Kangen Water is Light Sensitive

If you collect Kangen Water and put it in a open glass cup, the properties will be gone in about two hours.   Stainless steel water bottles or bottles that have some color to protect the water from light are preferred choices since light oxidizes the water.

Tip of the Day with Kangen Water from Florence, ItalyKangen Water is Air Sensitive

Air will also cause oxidation. This is why most people use water bottles that have a lid if they need to store the water for the day.  If you are going to transport larger quantities of the water, don’t use containers over one gallon in size.   The problem in using the larger containers is that as soon as you start pouring water from the jug, air comes in and speeds up the oxidation of the water.

Kangen Water is Motion Sensitive

If you need to transport the water, make sure you fill your containers to the very top. This will help minimize the movement of the water.  I like taking a water bottle with me when I drive around in my car.  As soon as I start drinking from the bottle, there will be increased sloshing and movement of the water.  The water won’t be as potent.  On the other hand, you do the best you can to maximize the properties.

Best Kind of Containers to Use When Drinking Kangen Water

I like blue glass bottles the best.  However, they aren’t always practical (because they can break) and sometimes they can be hard to find.  If you don’t go with glass, my second choicePortland Alkaline Water would be stainless steel because they don’t break if you drop them and they protect the water from the light which is oxidizing.

My last choice is plastic for multiple reasons. The water won’t keep its properties as long if stored in plastic.   The quality of the plastic is extremely important.  Since Kangen Water is “small” water and more easily penetrates the cells of the body, it will also more easily pull unwelcome chemical products out of the plastic.   If you need to go the plastic route,  make sure the plastic is BPA free.

The most important thing, however, is to just drink the water.  Figure what works bests for you and your schedule.   Sometimes we make things so complicated, then we do nothing.  If all you can find is plastic, it is far better to use plastic and drink Kangen Water than not drink it at all.

Marianne Greer with Tip of the Day from Portland Kangen Water in Florence, Italy.

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