The Kangen Water Business Opportunity With Enagic

The Kangen Water Business Opportunity is similar to what is found in many major corporations in the United States. Most network marketing companies say their business plan is unique and the best plan out there. However, on most of the major points, the plans turn out to be very similar and not unique at all.  Kangen Water Business Opportunity


Enagic’s Business Model is Different

Enagic’s Business Model really is quite different in network marketing.    Check out the bullet points below. With most network marketing companies people end up with product stacked up in their garage because they need to keep ordering month after month to make their monthly quota.   They have to keep ordering even though they already may have a three month supply on hand.   This is NOT so with Enagic.  Once you have purchased the machine, there is no more investment needed to become a distributor.

    • No Sign Up Fees
    • No Yearly Renewal Fee
    • No Monthly Qualifiers
    • No Volume Requirements
    • No Forced Product Shipments
    • No Stocking of Inventory
    • No Territorial or Location Restrictions
    • 6 Ways to Earn Income
    • International Sponsoring

Listen to this short 3 minute video to see how easy this business can be.

Here is another video with a brief overview of this incredible opportunity. Contact Marianne at 503-449-5242 if you would like to speak directly to her about the Enagic Business Opportunity.  Marianne works with distributors all over the United States as well as business leaders Internationally.



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