Do You Suffer From Dehydration?

Do you know what dehydration can do to you?

Proper hydration is critical to your overall wellness, so this is a topic that should be important to everyone.  Dehydration is a very common problem but one that, at the least, can cause you to feel tired or “worn out.” At the most, it can be damaging to your health. That’s why it is commonly recommend to drink plenty of water each day, so you can stay hydrated, active and energetic.

How you can tell if you are dehydrated?

First check and see if you have a dry, scratchy, or sticky mouth. If so, you are already dehydrated. That is the most common symptom. Also, see if your urine is yellow, a dark yellow in particular, or, if you feel tired and listless. The more severe symptoms include lethargy and sunken eyes. Also, try to pinch the skin on your knuckles. If it stays up, you probably need more water. Understanding the symptoms and effects of dehydration is only one part, though.

You Need to Drink the Right Kind of Water.

You should find an affordable, effective, and beneficial source of hydration – and that source is Kangen Water from Enagic®! Kangen Water® is most beneficial because it is micro-clustered, which enables it to get into and out of our cells easily, thus, truly hydrating us.

The great taste and pure quality of ionized alkaline water can give you benefits that are unavailable in ordinary tap water or overpriced bottled water. Kangen Water® is a terrific source of hydration, and as we know, hydration helps you be at your best.
Fight dehydration the right way, choose Kangen Water® for your drinking water needs each and every day!

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