Pets Love Kangen Water

Pets Love Kangen Water

Some people have asked if pets love Kangen Water as much as people do.   As people get incredible results with the water, is it also the best water for our pets?

Fun Experiments With Pets and Kangen Water

Well, there are some fun experiments that you can do with your pets to answer that question. Put two bowls of water out. In one bowl add the water that you would normally use, then add 8.5 Kangen Water to the second bowl  Pets love Kangen Water (this is the pH level recommended for pets). Sit back and observe what happens. See which bowl your pets go for. It is an eye opener!

It is fun to watch the pets drawn to the energy charged Kangen Water.  Not only are they drawn to it and want to drink it, most people find their pets drinking a lot more water when Kangen Water is placed in their bowls.

When water tastes good, even our animals want to drink more of it.  Dogs have 40,000 times the ability to smell than we do.  Do you think the pollutants such as chlorine and other harmful chemicals commonly found in water impact dogs wanting to drink it?  Simply helping our animals drink more water will do wonders for their health.

Observe the Health Improvements

Pets love Kangen Water
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Also, watch your pets over the next few weeks.   Are they drinking more water?  Observe their skin and their coat.  Most owners notice a shinier coat.

Does your pet have bad breath?  If so, the cause might simply be dehydration.   Many pet owners after introducing Kangen Water,  have delightfully found their pets to now have a sweeter breath.

Owners of older animals have seen their animals gain agility.  The animals move more freely with a pep in their step while appearing to have less pain.

A quote from one satisfied pet owner, “Marianne, I realized that I hadn’t told you about my dogs.  Both of them love the Kangen Water and they drink more volume each time they drink.  My 3 year old male dog had tarter on some of his teeth with some gum inflammation.  Also, his breath had an acid smell, similar to mild vinegar.  Since he’s been drinking the Kangen Water, his breath no longer has the acid smell.  In fact, there is no disagreeable smell whatsoever, there is less tartar and his gum inflammation is decreasing! I had no expectation that these things would improve, but I am so happy that they have.”

Notice what overall health improvements begin to happen. If you weren’t previously a believer in Kangen Water, this in itself will remove skepticism as you can’t placebo animals.   You can now turn ordinary tap water into the very best drinking water on the planet!  Pets love their Kangen Water.  It is easy to see how the two go together.

Listen to what a vet has to say about Kangen Water.

 Cows and Kangen Water

When cows on a number of dairy farm in Japan were giving alkaline water to drink instead of ordinary tap water, the veterinarians noticed a 20 per cent increase in their milk production as well as a notable improvement in the quality of the milk.  The cows also showed stronger legs, a decrease in diarrhea cases, an improved fertility rate, reduced still births, an elimination of strong feces and urine odors, and  overall improved healthier skin.

Proper Hydration is the Key to Your Animals Health

Just as we know a plant will wilt and the leaves will dry out if it isn’t properly water, likewise, our pets health will be compromised if they aren’t properly hydrated.  Unfortunately, you can’t make an animal drink more than what it wants to drink.   Since animals love Kangen Water, the answer becomes simple when this is what is placed in their bowls.  Give your animals the best so they can be properly hydrated.  Protect their health naturally and watch them have more enjoyment of life.

Kangen Water is the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification and anti-oxidation.

Pets and Health

As we have been discussing how to keep our pet’s healthier.  pets can reciprocate and provide improved health to their owners.   Studies have shown that when people interact with a dog, their mood can improve.    By petting or stroking a dog, endorphins are released.    The mere fact that fido needs to be exercised daily can be a motivating factor for the pet owner to get out into green spaces which can help reduce stress.

However, there is another key benefit to being a dog owner.  When people are out walking their dogs, they are more interactive with other people.  Some believe that pet owners may project more trustworthiness.   One study found that pet owners were more likely to get to know their neighbors than non pet owners.  Dog owners had more success in connecting people than cat owners, however, cat owners had more connection than those who owned no pets.



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