Mr. Oshiro, the CEO of Enagic, Launched a Firestorm of Interest in Kangen Water

Mr. Oshiro, The CEO of Enagic

Mr. Oshiro, the CEO of Enagic, International, launched a firestorm of interest in Kangen Water and the Enagic Business when Enagic first came to the United States in 2003.  Mr. Oshiro has continued to open up offices in multiple other countries (where all of us can also do business), in Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Australia, and Hong Kong.


The Company Continues to Spread Around the Globe

The company has plans to continue to spread around the globe to new locations as more people continue to learn how water is the foundation to health.  Recently, the company opened up an office in Brazil.

Mr. Oshiro’s Passion

Mr. Oshiro’s simple sincerity and passion communicate enthusiasm and a call to action to his audiences as he speaks at conferences.  

 Is Kangen Water the Anti-Aging Secret?

You would never know from either his energy level or from what he looks like.  In the this picture he was  71 years old.  At a recent conference, Mr. Oshiro shared that he believed he and his wife stopped aging when they starting drinking Kangen Water in their late forty’s.   He says he drinks 4 liters of Kangen Water each day and when he travels, he joked that he discovers where all the bathrooms are! He obviously takes drinking Kangen Water very seriously.  The results happen, but only if one drinks enough of this energetically powerful water.

 A photo of Mr. Oshiro speaking at a conference.


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