The Many Uses of Strong Acid Water From An Enagic Water Machine

The Many Uses of Strong Acid Water From An Enagic Water Machine

(Recorded at Longwood Gardens, PA)

Therapeutic Uses of Strong Acid Water

The strong acid water with a pH of 2.5 has many wonderful external uses.  If you get a cut or a wound of some kind, spray the 2.5 strong acid water on your skin.  Let it sit for about 30 seconds and dry.  You may want to repeat this several times a day depending on the particular cut.  Watch how quickly the wound heals.  You will soon find that your first aid cabinet needs far fewer products.

An Oxidative Environment Kills Invaders

The 2.5 water water is highly oxidative – meaning almost nothing can live in this environment.   We often think of bleach as a great disinfectant to kill germs.  However,  2.5 strong acid water has been found to be 10 times more effective as a disinfectant than even bleach.

Why the 2.5 Strong Acid Water Helps Wound Care

Strong Acid Water
Longwood Gardens, PA

The 2.5 strong acid water is mimicking and aiding what the body naturally does when there is a cut or wound.  The skin is our natural defense keeping things out of our body that don’t belong there.  When we get a cut or opening in our skin, foreign invaders can now enter.  The natural defense system of the body sends oxidizers to kill these foreign invaders as almost nothing can live in a highly oxidative state.  By spraying on the 2.5 strong acid water, we are just duplicating  the very process that the body performs when it detects a cut.

Besides cuts and wounds, the 2.5 has been found to be highly effective with insect bites, burns and rashes.

Anti-Fungal Uses of 2.5 Strong Acid Water

If you were to get athlete’s foot, you would want to soak your feet in the 2.5 pH water several times per day.  This would be the same protocol for nail fungus.  Another option would be to spray the 2.5 water on the fungus.  Let it dry naturally and then repeat throughout the day.

Using 2.5 Water in Your Mouth

Since 2.5 pH water is so highly oxidating, it is wonderful at killing germs – even germs in the mouth.  You can use it as a mouthwash or gargle with it if you are starting to get a scratchy throat.   After gargling with it, you then want to follow up by drinking alkaline water.  Also you don’t want to swallow it and this pH water is not intended for internal use.

Longwood Gardens, PA
Kangen Water
Longwood Gardens, PA


 If You Touch the 2.5pH Strong Acid Water, Will it Hurt You?

When I first heard about the strong acid water that Kangen Water machines will produce, I was somewhat concerned.  I thought, “Will this water burn my skin?  Do I need to make sure it never comes in contact with my skin?  Is this water safe?”

The thing to remember is that the 2.5 pH water is still just that.  It is water.  So, to answer the question of safety – yes, the water is completely safe to come in contact with our skin.   The optimal pH for skin is 6.0.  Therefore, over time with repeated exposure to 2.5 pH water, our skin may become dry.  However, our skin may also become dry with repeated exposure to tap water because it is the incorrect pH for our skin as well.   (Most municipal tap water is 8.0 pH or higher.)

Cleaning With the Strong Acid Water

Kangen Water
Longwood Gardens, PA

This water combined with the 11.5 pH water allows you to eliminate most traditional commercial stain removers.   If the stain is a protein based stain, then you want to soak or spray the stain with 2.5 water.  If the stain is oil based, then you want to use the 11.5 pH water.   If you don’t know what the stain is, then try one of these waters.  If you don’t get results, then try the other one!

When I first started using these waters, I found old stains on our carpet as well as on some of my clothes.  I was shocked at how much better these waters worked than the commercial products that I had previously used.  So, from that point onward, 2.5 and 11.5 waters are what I use to remove stains.

Another great use of the 2.5 strong acid water is in the prevention of mold and scum build up in the shower.    If you keep a bottle on hand near the shower,  then just spray down the walls when you are finished bathing.

Going Green and Chemical Free – Using the 2.5 Strong Acid Water as a Disinfectant

The 2.5 water is so highly oxidative –  it is said to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.  It is about ten times more effective than bleach in killing germs and has been used as a disinfectant in Japanese hospitals for decades.  So what could I disinfect with this water?

Just think through the things you want to sterilize.  Use it on counter tops,  food prep areas, cutting boards, kitchen equipment (especially anything that is more difficult to disinfect).   If you have babies or small children, the 2.5 water should be your first line of defense to sterilize toys.

If you are out in public and not interested in passing the germs around,  keep a  small pocket sized bottle handy.  Just give your hands a quick spray and off you go.    The 2.5 water can also be used to disinfect tooth brushes,  sponges, etc.  The list really goes on and on. Just start thinking, “What do I have that needs to be sterilized?”   The wonderful thing about using the 2.5 strong acid water in the home is that it is chemical free and totally green.

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