Kangen® Water Videos

Below are a number of Kangen® Water videos that help explain what this water is all about. Most of us are usually quite cynical when we first hear about this water as most of us have been taught to believe that “water is just water.” However, as you watch the videos below, you will begin to understand that water has many properties that can either contribute to our health or contribute to the disease process by oxidizing us. These videos succinctly detail why so many people believe that drinking Kangen® Water is the single most important change they can make towards improving their health. After watching the videos, contact me if you would like further information.     Marianne 503-449-5242. Enjoy!

What the Doctor’s Are Saying About Kangen® Water

Dr. Hiromi Shinya – Colon Therapy Alkaline Water

Dr. Michael shares his personal journey and how proper hydration completely changed his daughters life.

The Science Behind Kangen Water

Experiments with Chickens and Mice drinking Alkaline Water vs. Ground Water

The History and Use of Kangen® Water in Japan

Dr. Corinne Allen – Your Brain on Water

Celebrities Drinking Kangen® Water

Enagic® Company Profile and History – Kangen® Water

Why Kangen® Water is Better

Active Hydrogen Water

Listen to a video by Shan Stratton. Shan works with a number of high profile professional athletes as well as Olympians. He began his career as a nutritional consultant for the New York Yankees. When he first heard about Kangen® Water, he completely dismissed it and was a total skeptic. What changed his mind? Listen to his story. It may change your life!

Testing Various Waters and their pH

An investment in our health

Is all water the same?  The tea bag test.

Hydration and our Health

A tip to consider when buying an ionizer



  1. I will tell my buddies to go to this website. Thanks for the write-up.

    1. Marianne Greer

      Thanks so much. I’m working hard to have a website that will be a fantastic resource for people.

  2. Now all you have to do is sift through the products and select an ionizer that works for you.
    On the other hand, cancer and disease thrives in an acidic environment.

    So it is mandatory to intake purest form of water which is provided
    by ionizer machines made by Enagic.

    1. Marianne Greer

      Yes, the water from Enagic ionizers is quite different than water from other ionizers!

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