Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health

Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health?

Is it Because it is Alkaline?

The quick answer is, “NO!”  Kangen Water is alkaline water, but the alkalinity in itself is not the answer.  Almost all tap water IS alkaline.   Are people getting substantial health benefits when they drink tap water? I think not.  

Why Does Kangen Water Work?


When Kangen Water becomes alkaline through the energy that is added to it, at the same time it becomes a powerful anti-oxidant.   Anti-oxidants are important because they help remove oxidation from the cell membrane.  When the cell membrane is healthy because it is no longer sticky from being overly oxidized, the cell becomes much more permeable.  A permeable cell can properly absorb nutrients and water as well as release toxins.  Hence, the cell starts functioning properly.

When our cells are restored to health, then our tissues become healthy.  When our tissues are healthy, our organs become health.  Also, once the cell is functioning properly, it will naturally balance its pH to whatever the optimal level is for that cell.

Is All Alkaline Water Rich in Anti-oxidants?

No, actually, very little alkaline water will be rich in anti-oxidants outside of Kangen Water.  This is what makes Kangen Water so special and why so many people have life changing testimonials after drinking this water.

If Tap Water is Alkaline, Why Aren’t there Health Benefits?

tap waterTap water, which we mentioned, is almost always alkaline.  It is often as alkaline as 8.0 and even as great as 9.5 in some parts of the country.  The reason tap water is alkaline is because of the chemicals that cities add to the water supply.  Sodium hydroxide is a common chemical added for the purpose of increasing the pH of the city municipal water.  Why do the cities add this chemical?    The cities know that the water would be acid otherwise (because of our acid rain problem) and they know acid water corrodes their pipes!  Therefore, they want to increase the pH of the water to protect the pipes from corrosion.  It has nothing to do with our health.

So, when people have a nice filter or water purification system in their home, they are removing these extra chemicals that the city adds.  On the surface this is good.  Unfortunately, if the filter is doing its job, after it removes these chemicals, we are left with acid water.

What About Bottled Alkaline Water?

Just because you find bottled water that says it is alkaline, does that it make good?  Again, we have to come back to the question, “Why is the water alkaline?”  Many bottled waters are alkaline simply because some kind of minerals were added.  Not all minerals are created equal.  Some minerals can be good, while others can be very difficult for the body to digest creating more havoc in the body.  life is precious

Properly ionized water that is rich in anti-oxidants cannot be bottled as the anti-oxidant properties dissipate out.

Are Other Things Added to Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is ionized using electricity only.   Only energy is added to the water.  This is one of the things that makes Kangen Water completely different and why there are no other ionizers on the market that can produce the same quality of water.    There are many brands of ionizers found on the internet which can be overwhelming and quite confusing with the claims sounding similar.

Unfortunately, these other brands often ionize their water using inorganic minerals which could lead to other health issues.   This is because inorganic minerals are not absorbed by the body and can crystalize into bone spurs, gall stones, kidney stones, cause gout or arthritis or other health issues.

Plat and gold standardEnagic, the Japanese manufacturer of Kangen Water machines is the only ionizer company that makes a water machine that uses electricity only to ionize the water.   Enagic sells their machines through distributors who have fallen in love with the product.  These distributors take time to educate people about water.   If you would like to learn more about Kangen Water from a distributor who has had their life changed as a result of this water, please click here.


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