If Your Water is Alkaline, is that Enough?

If Your Water is Alkaline, is that Enough?

We are all hearing more and more about the benefits of alkaline water.   Is it, however, the alkalinity itself or are there certain properties within various alkaline waters that make some water far superior to others? Is alkaline water enough?  Whether for human or animal consumption, the benefit is NOT that the water is just alkaline.   If alkalinity was all that we were after, we could all go buy a box of baking soda and start adding that to our water and call it good.

For water to be considered healthy for the body, it must also be an antioxidant and micro-clustered.   When water is properly ionized, it will become alkaline through the ionization process, but more importantly, it will become a strong anti-oxidant which helps the body repair cellular damage.   If alkaline water is properly ionized, then it will also be micro-clustered.  This helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively as well as remove waste from the cells flushing the system of harmful toxins and chemicals.

Why is the Water Alkaline?

This is a critical question to ask.  Many people naturally have alkaline well water.  However, they are not realizing any extra health benefits because their water is not an antioxidant (it doesn’t have a negative ORP)  nor is it easily absorbable.  Once they hook up an Enagic ionizer to their well water, then they not only have alkaline water, but they will finally have water that can be easily absorbed that is full of antioxidants.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

While more studies and tests are in progress, alkaline water is believed to boost a person’s metabolism. This can help individuals shed those unwanted pounds. Due to its high pH level, alkaline water is said to neutralize acid in the bloodstream as well. Some also believe it can help prevent medical ailments and disease, along with slowing down the aging process. While most people still only know about tap/bottled or filtered water, restructured ionized alkaline water continues to soar in global popularity. Despite verification of its health benefits by leading researchers, restructured alkaline water has received stellar reviews from users and critics alike.

There is ongoing research being conducted worldwide. With most of the recent studies showing positive results, it seems restructured ionized alkaline water is simply the way to go.



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