Home Based Business Opportunities – How Do You Choose?

There are so many Home Based Business Opportunities “out there.”  How do you know where to begin?

Home Based Business Opportunities

To help narrow your search look for something where you already have an interest or a passion.  This will make going to work each day far more enjoyable.  Remember, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you aren’t still going to work. 

Find a business that has a product that people need.  The more that people need your product, the more they are willing to sacrifice to get it.

You want a home based business opportunity that is reputable and has a proven track record of reliability over many years.  Unfortunately, in the home-based business world there are way too many businesses that are here today and gone tomorrow.  Often this is after someone has invested thousands of dollars for products that they no longer need.  They may have so much product in their garage that it would take several lifetimes to use it all up.    

Find a business that doesn’t require quotas to be met in order to maintain rank or status.  How many people fall into the trap of ordering more product just to keep their rank?  In reality all they did was spend more money, not make money.

Bottom line – you want a home-based business opportunity that makes you money, not one that cost you money.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Let me introduce to you what I call, The Opportunity of a Lifetime” with Enagic®’s Kangen® Water Business Opportunity.    This is especially true for anyone who has a natural interest in the Health and Wellness industry.  (Enagic® is the manufacturer of the Kangen® Water machines.)  Robert Kiyosaki calls it “The Business of the 21st Century.”   It is the opportunity to help our friends with their physical health, financial freedom and have fun while doing it!

Enagic’s Kangen® Water Opportunity is rewarding because you get paid to help others.  You get to educate others about water.  You learn that all water isn’t the same and by making this one change, the impact can be a dramatic improvement in health.  Water is something everyone needs and having access to the very best water is something everyone benefits from. 

 Enagic® has a patented business model that pays passively and helps you to leverage other people’s efforts for a greater income opportunity.  Since the business model is easily duplicated, it is something that you can pass on to your friends and family that are interested in earning an extra income. 

Enagic®, a Japanese Company That Has Been Around for Over Four Decades

Kangen Water  Financial Freedom

Enagic®, a Japanese International company, has been around for over four decades.  It has offices in over 15 countries around the globe and continues to open up new offices on a regular basis.  The products have prestigious ISO certifications so you can be assured of the 3rd party validation system of the quality of the products this company produces. 

Home Based Business Opportunities

The company not only has the highest standards in the products it makes, but also in how it does business.  To support this claim, the company is a member of the Direct Sellers Association.  This association only accepts companies with a proven track record of the highest standards in business.

The company advocates for True Health and Wellness.  This is what drew me in to be a distributor.   For years I had known that what we put into our mouths impacts our health.  I knew it was important to make sure my family was getting wholesome food to eat to help them have good health.  The clincher, however, was I was all about improving the quality of my food while only giving minimal importance to the quality of my water.

How Complex Can Water Be?

Basically, I thought there were two kinds of water: filtered and unfiltered.  I was completely oblivious to the incredible complexity of the water world.  Today when someone tells me that they have had their water tested, I know to ask, “Tested for what?”  There are thousands of things you can test for in water.

 Some of the unique features in water that make Kangen® Water, “Kangen®,” are things that standard water municipalities or companies don’t even know to look or test for.

When we drink energetically powerful water, our bodies are able to hydrate and absorb the water unlike any other water we consume.  When the body is more fully hydrated, the body can work so much more efficiently.  So many things that were breaking down causing disease and pain can work on repair and rebuilding with proper hydration. 

Home Based Business Opportunities

Out of all of the home based business opportunities available, if you want to learn more why this one is so special and why I believe it is an Opportunity of a Lifetime, contact me, Marianne Greer, at PortlandKangenWater@gmail.com  or call me at 503-449-5242


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