The History of Alkaline Water

Water is an Important Nutrient for Health

History of Alkaline WaterMost people don’t drink enough water even although we know it is essential for our health.  Because the cells of our body are 75 to 80% water,  some believe that water is the single most important nutrient that we will consume and that the quality of our water can have a dramatic impact on our health.

Why is water so key?  Unless we properly clean out the cells of our body, toxic waste builds up within the cells causing further oxidation and a decline in our overall health.  Also, water is the delivery system for every cellular action within the body.  In other words  water is the “trucking” system within our bodies.

The History of Alkaline Water in Japan

The history of alkaline water in Japan began several decades ago when a team of scientists, doctors and engineers got together to study the quality of the water in their country.   They realized that not all water is the same since tap water is often filled with large amounts of chlorine, agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and other hazardous substances many of which are considered to be carcinogens.   This isn’t to say that water from municipalities isn’t carefully regulated.  The problem is that the government safety standards may not be on par with what is best to nourish and clean the cells of our body.

Realizing the significance that drinking good quality water can have on the health of the human body , the scientists didn’t like the options that the Japanese people had at the time.  The problem was with the acid rain.  It was getting into their water supply creating acidic drinking water and they knew acid drinking water wasn’t good.

So the team of scientists, doctors and engineers developed a process through ionization where quality alkaline water was produced .  The Kangen Water Machines, made by a manufacturer called Enagic,  the original water ionizing company, were initially just available in hospitals in Japan, but eventually the technology became more sophisticated so that people could purchase ionizers that could be used in their homes.

In 2003 Enagic came to the United States.  Initially they targeted the Japanese population.  By 2005 the English speaking population began to discover this technology.

Other Parts of the World Explore Alkaline Water

Nathanial Darnell sits on the board of directors for a diabetes support service in the US. He functions as a research analyst to review technologies that are being used not only in western healthcare, but also used in other places around the world. He looks to separate products that are founded on evidence based research from products that stem emotional hype, but have no substance.

Was Miracle Water Found in Nordenau, Germany?

The History of Alkaline Water
Darnell explains how hydrogen gas got the attention of health care professionals. Back in the early 1990’s there was a spring of waters in Nordenau, Germany (about 100 km east of Dusseldorf) that had been converted from a slate mine to a resort. The spring of water became known as the place where people could be miraculously healed. Many who visited had known terminal illnesses, but suddenly had spontaneous remissions from their diseases. Because of the quantity of people that continued to get this result, it finally got the medical community’s attention. It was the Japanese scientist who discovered that the cave provided hydrogen rich air and gas and that was leading to the incredible health benefits.

Physicians did a follow up study with 411 diabetic patients who simply drank water that was rich in hydrogen gas. After only six days their bio markers started changing measurably.

Water That Is Small Enough to Pass Through Cellular Membranes

Darnell also explains how Hydrogen gas is H2 not H+. H+ is very acidic and would be considered to be quite toxic. On the other hand H2 is two hydrogen atoms with extra electrons. What is very unique about H2 (hydrogen gas) is that it is small enough to pass to through cellular membranes including the blood brain barrier. So, it can immediately arrest things like hydroxyl radicals which are some of the most toxic free radicals in the human body. When H2 combines with the hydroxyl free radicals, it forms water which can then be flushed out of the body. Darnell explains how this was based on 30 years of military research with navy divers.

Click on the following link to listen to Darnell.


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