Five Awesome Facts About Kangen® Water

Fact Number 1

Kangen® Water has more antioxidants per glass than ANY known food or supplement. 

With just one glass of Kangen Water you get more antioxidants than if you consumed an entire table of fresh organic produce all day long!

So, Why are Antioxidants so Important Anyway? 

Oxidation is a natural process that happens.  Metal rusts, oils go rancid, apples turn brown and our bodies age.  In each of these situations we have oxidation. 

Within the human body, we are constantly bombarded with things that increase the oxidation process.  When we face stress, are exposed to EMF’s through technology, breathe polluted air, drink oxidizing liquids and eat prepackaged and cooked foods, we dramatically escalate the process of oxidation.  It is difficult to live in the world that we know today without being bombarded with antioxidants. 

Antioxidants Are Needed For Repair

Portland Kangen Water

As oxidation occurs, cells lose elections.  As cells lose elections, they become damaged.  Damaged cells equals disease.  Antioxidants, on the other hand, slow the aging process down by providing extra elections.  The extra elections are used to repair damaged cells.  As repair occurs, the body is restored to health.

Fact Number 2

Your body is 75% water.  Therefore, hydration is the foundation for your health. 

When trying to make health improvements, most people start with a change of diet, starting an exercise program, or adding supplements.  All of these are important, but not the most beneficial place to start.

Every cellular action that happens in the body, happens via water.  If we try to do other things first without proper hydration, then they most likely won’t work very well.  If you eat good food, but are dehydrated, the nutrients can’t get delivered to the cells of the body.  If you take wholesome supplements, but are dehydrated, they can’t get delivered as well.  If you exercise, but are dehydrated, your body won’t work well and will be much more prone to injury.

Fact Number 3

Electrolyzed re-structured Kangen® Water hydrates more efficiently than ANY other water.

The increased absorption happens because it is re-structured water, not because it is alkaline water.    Re-structured water happens when enough energy is added to the water so that there is a lower surface tension in the water.  With the lower surface tension, the molecules cluster together in smaller groups.  Normally, water molecules will cluster in groups of 15 to 100.  Kangen® Water molecules cluster in groups of 5 to 6.

With the smaller clustering of the water molecules, the water penetrates cellular walls up to 6 times more efficiently in the human body than tap or bottled water.  This is vital if proper hydration is to occur.

Increased Hydration Means Everything Works Better

With increased hydration, nutrients from food and supplements can now be delivered to the cells of the body.  The cells of the body can be fed!  When the cells of the body are finally fed, the body gets the fuel it needs to repair and replenish. 

On the flip side, with the increased hydration, the cells can finally release toxic waste that otherwise would build up.  When toxic waste builds up, it causes cellular damage.  

The ability to release toxic waste in the cells is particular important for athletes as they are constantly facing a huge amount of lactic acid build up. 

Fact Number 4

Many households contain HUNDREDS of chemical cleaners.  Kangen® Water can replace toxic household cleaners.  How is this even possible?

Once you understand some basic principles of pH, it all makes since.  When something has a low pH number, around 2.5, it is considered to be very acidic.  Kangen® Water machines produce 2.5 water and call it Strong Acid Water. 

Kangen’s® Strong Acid Water is highly oxidative water which means it oxidizes everything to death.   Because of this, it can be used to clean and disinfect all surfaces and materials in a home.  It is safe to use on chrome, porcelain, cloth, wood, tile and glass.  It can be used on surfaces to remove and prevent film and mold.

In the kitchen it can be used to disinfect the counter, the food prep area, kitchen equipment and even the sink. 

It can be used in the bathroom to clean showers, toilets, tubs, tile and sinks.  It is safe for children and babies to sanitize play areas and toys. 

2.5 water is the best hand sanitizer that you could use.  It is the most effective in killing germs without leaving any chemical residue that normally comes with hand sanitizers. 

The list goes on and on in the various ways that this water can replace most household cleaners.

 Fact Number 5

Kangen® Water has been used in Japan as a Medical Device for over 40 years.  In the medical device world Japan is known to be one of the toughest countries in the world to get medical device certification yet this product has it.  Kangen® Water machines are extensively used throughout Japan in over half of its hospitals. 

These are just a few of the fun facts of Kangen® Water.  If you want to learn more, go to  or call Marianne Greer at 503-449-5242. 


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