Do You Struggle Drinking Enough Water?

Do You Struggle Drinking Enough Water?

If so, you are like most Americans.  Maybe the reason you struggle drinking enough water has a very simple solution.  Maybe your problem is simply you aren’t drinking the right QUALITY of water.   It can be hard to drink the correct quantity if we haven’t taken care of the quality issue.

My background is nutrition so I have always known the importance of drinking water and preferably to drink it at room temperature.  I was taught that most of us should drink about eight to ten classes each day.   Drinking Kangen WaterHowever, I use to struggle to make this happen.   The only way I could get my water down each day was for it to be either hot (would add herbal teas to it) or drink it cold (would add lemons or limes to it).  To drink water at room temperature was something that just wasn’t going to happen at least not during the day.  (I have always liked having a glass of water by my bed at night.  If I would wake up, I would take a sip.  This was the only time I would drink water at room temperature.)

So, when I first heard of alkaline water, this wasn’t something that sounded particularly interesting to me because water wasn’t something that I was that crazy about anyway.

Kangen© Water – Water that People Want to Drink!

When I started drinking it, one of the first things I noticed was that I LIKED it.  This in itself was quite shocking.  I noticed that I not only just liked it, I WANTED to drink it and drink a lot of it.  Also, I wanted to drink it at room temperature!     The more I drank it, the more I wanted it.

After a few weeks of drinking it, I started to notice a number of changes.  My energy level greatly increased, I no longer needed to take naps, I began sleeping much better at night, my shoulder pain was significantly reduced, and my skin that use to feel like sand paper became very soft.  Now, I no longer need to use any body lotions.   My skin changing so much was an eye popper.  Our skin is our largest organ.  I realized if my skin (which I can see) changed this much, I couldn’t help but wonder how much my internal organs were also improving!

The Quality of the Water we Drink is the key to Health

I have now been drinking alkaline water for over four years.  Water is now my beverage of choice.   The quality of the water, however, is still the key.  If you put bottled water or tap water in front of me, it will still just sit on the counter.  If it is alkaline water and specifically the right kind of alkaline water, it goes down the hatch and is quickly consumed.  And, I feel so much better for doing so.

z  antioxidant-water-portland

For Those Who Still Struggle Drinking Enough Water

For those who still struggle drinking, I encourage you to add a slice of lemon to your water.  Lemon Water has many real benefits according to science.  Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, but it can also help with detoxing and cleansing.  The citrus flavonoids found in lemon water can also help improve digestion.  To reap the most benefits from lemons, don’t forget to include the zest of the lemon which helps to improve the good bacteria in the gut!

Making your lemon water with Kangen © Water will help you achieve optimal hydration.



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