Dehydration and Health

Dehydration and Health

What if the answer to most of our health concerns was simply in a glass of water?  Well, this is what many people are actually discovering.  The thing is – you have to be drinking the right kind of water.   When you drink Kangen® Water, you will receive extra benefits regarding your health

Why Does Kangen® Water Help with Dehydration Unlike Any Other Water?

Not all water hydrates the same.  We absorb some water better than others.  We absorb up to 85 to 90% of Kangen® Water.  We absorb only about 15 % of tap and bottled water.  This in itself has a huge impact on our health.

By simply being more hydrated our bodies are going to work for efficiently.  Nutrients are going to get delivered to our cells nourishing our body.  Cells are going to more easily excrete the acidic waste.  As cells are more properly cleaned out, they function more efficiently leading to improved health.  Our immune system starts functioning better. Bottom line, every cellular action within the body happens via water.  Water is vital to our survival.  The ability to more fully hydrate the body is potentially  one of the most significant things we will ever do to impact our health.

How does Kangen® Water Hydrate Better?

Another way to describe Kangen® Water would be to call it small water or reduced water.  Because of the smaller clustering of water molecules the water is more easily absorbed into the cells of the body.

An Experiment to Demonstrate How Some Water Hydrates Better than Others

One way to see how we hydrate differently with this water is to observe how one feels after dehydration inflammationdrinking several 8 ounce glasses.   Normally, many people feel bloated after consuming several glasses of water.  In addition, they often have the sensation of water sloshing around in their stomachs.  Most people get neither of these reactions after drinking large quantities of Kangen® Water.

Another fun experiment is called the “Tea Bag” experiment.  You can watch it here.

 Oxidation, Antioxidants and Kangen® Water

Research into molecular hydration (which can be consumed through hydrogen rich water) has evolved tremendously in recent years having the potential to completely change modern medicine.  Hydrogen can cross the blood brain barrier and even enter into the mitochondria.

It would be next to impossible to eat enough vegetables to get the amount of antioxidants that you get simply by drinking hydrogen rich water.  Tap water and bottled water do not provide antioxidants. Why do we want antioxidants?

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Antioxidants protect our DNA and healthy cells from the damage caused from free radicals.  Where do free radicals come from?  Basically, we are constantly exposed to them from the air we breathe,  the food we eat, and surprisingly, even the water that most of us drink.

Although free radicals already exist inside our bodies, we can further acquire them from our surroundings through harmful pollutants, detrimental foods  and even drinking the wrong kind of water.  They have the ability to damage and even obliterate our body cells.

How Do We Fight Free Radical Damage?

What is most commonly taught on this topic is the need to increase fruits and vegetables in our diet.  On this point I would whole heartedly agree.  But, I would also add not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. We need to be selective about the quality of our produce.

However, there is another point of nutrition that is too frequently completely skipped.  WATER.  Water is the single most important nutriemt that we will consume.  The role that it plays in our health is far more potent than food even though food is still extremely important.  (We can only live a few days without water, we can live weeks/months without food.)

So, just as eating the right kind of food is important.  Drinking the right kind of water is extremely important.   Kangen Water®, which is properly ionized alkaline water is considered to be the very best drinking water available.

Why the Need is so Great for Antioxidants

Antioxidants are responsible for blocking off free radicals from invading your cells. They help prevent the dangerous oxidation chain reactions inside your body. Although these antioxidants are naturally present and produced in your system, sometimes what you have is not enough to fight off all the free radicals especially in the kind of world we all live in today.  Also, as we age, the body’s ability to fight off the free radicals is greatly reduced.   Hence, we need to equip ourselves with more antioxidants by eating more fruits and vegetables. In the same way, properly ionized alkaline water can also protect your body and boost your immune system. It is certainly an affordable and easy way for you to have a steady supply of free radical protectors.

With properly ionized alkaline water, you can be assured of a strong and stable fighter against free radicals. If not, you may end up with a greater number of destroyed cells every day that passes. This means that you grow closer to the likelihood of having a weakened body and obtaining various diseases.  Basically, you end up with a broken immune system.  Therefore, you must take action now by increasing the antioxidants inside your body.

Dehydration, inflammation, and oxidation
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If you would like a healthier household, you need to consider shifting to Kangen® Water instead of simply drinking tap/bottled or filtered water. You will also have to stock up more on fruits, veggies, and other nutritious foods rather than stashing canned goods and junk snacks in your cupboards and refrigerator. Take note that this will benefit you greatly in the long run.



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