Cooking with Kangen Water

Cooking with Kangen Water

Kangen Water continues to soar in global popularity  While this miracle water replenishes the body and encourages natural healing from within, more people are now cooking food with Kangen than ever before. According to industry experts, this amazing water boils quicker and cuts down on both utilities and cooking time. In fact, it can also be used to enhance green tea as well. This is done by eliminating tannins, along with its bitter aftertaste as well. Kangen Water also helps the tea secure a richer color and flavor. The same can also be said for coffee and other bean or leaf based beverages. When using Kangen with coffee, you can save at least half of the beans too.

If you have wine or spirits with dinner, try adding Kangen to it as well. This helps ensure smoother textures, along with milder flavors. It can also prevent hangovers, which are commonly associated with hard liquors or beer.

Using Kangen Water with Soups

Perhaps the most popular food Kangen Water is used for are soups. Whether its chicken noodle, tomato, or beef broth, this unique water will draw out the flavor of the soups.  Cooking - soupThis, of course, is courtesy of its dissolving properties, which make soups healthier and easier to digest.

Using Kangen Water with Vegetables

vegetablesWhen cooking Asian food, you can also add this water to both condiments and seasonings. This will dilute them, which enhancing the overall taste of your dishes and entrees. You can even use the water when cooking vegetables. This helps preserve its vibrant colors, along with its vitamins and nutrients.

In recent months, chefs have also implemented Kangen Water for meat, fish and poultry dishes. If fresh fish is rinsed in the 9.5 pH water, it will eliminate the strong fishy order and flavor. If meat or poultry are soaked for about ten minutes in either the 9.5 or 11.5 pH Kangen Water, it will be naturally tenderized.   cooking meat with Kangen WaterAfter cooking, the meat can be easily sliced with a knife. Also, the result is healthier meat and improved overall taste. In addition to consuming or bathing with the water, cooking food with it has been proven to help people lead healthier lives. The water also helps eliminate excess grease, which can clogs up arteries and even lead to weight gain.

Other Uses

The Kangen Water system is truly a groundbreaking product. If you value your health and that of your loved ones, try adding it to all your favorite foods. This innovative water is perfect for boiling eggs ( using 6.0 ph) as the egg yolk will not leak out of the shell if the egg cracks during cooking. If you cook beans use the 6.0 pH water, they will cook to perfection and the acidic water will speed up the cooking time. The 6.0 pH water is also wonderful for boiling pasta to an Al Dente consistency and if sprayed on foods before freezing, the food will not lose flavor when thawed as the acidic water provides a protective coat. If the slightly acidic water is used in the batter for fried foods, the end product will be nice and crispy. For more information on cooking with Kangen Water, check the Internet today.



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