Is Diet Soda Pop on the Downhill Slide?

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (December 9th, 2013),  the American public is waking up to the fact that diet soda pop should not be the drink of choice. Do Americans Gain Weight with Diet Sodas? For decades Americans have been led to believe that it was possible to have a beverage […]

Best Way to Drink Water

Best Way to Drink Water Tip for Today – What is the Best Way to Drink Water? Most of us take water for granted.  We know it is important to drink, but we go about our lives drinking only a few glasses per day.  Water is essential for every cellular action within the body.  Our […]

Pets Love Kangen Water

Pets Love Kangen Water Some people have asked if pets love Kangen Water as much as people do.   As people get incredible results with the water, is it also the best water for our pets? Fun Experiments With Pets and Kangen Water Well, there are some fun experiments that you can do with your […]

Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health

Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health? Is it Because it is Alkaline? The quick answer is, “NO!”  Kangen Water is alkaline water, but the alkalinity in itself is not the answer.  Almost all tap water IS alkaline.   Are people getting substantial health benefits when they drink tap water? I think […]

How Does Sugar Impact the Brain?

How does sugar impact the brain?   When you think of cookies, ice-cream, cake, does your mouth begin to water? What makes sugary foods so difficult to resist? Unfortunately, the problem goes way beyond just desserts. Sugar is in so many of the foods we eat  such as ketchup, tomato sauce, dried fruit, yogurt,  granola bars, and […]

Marketing Food to our Kids

Marketing Food To Our Kids Why is it so financially profitable to go after our kids when a company is looking to sell their goods?  Well, just picture a loving parent who wants the best for their child.  When “little Johnny” asks over and over for the new little treat, it doesn’t take long before […]

Clinical Studies and Scientific Research on Ionized Water

PubMed articles are a  good source for those looking for clinical studies and scientific research on ionized water. What is PubMed? It is a nationally recognized source for research articles.   It comprises more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.  Citations may include links to full-text content […]