Healthy Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Are you looking for some healthy eating tips to reduce inflammation in your body? By following some simple steps you can make a significant impact in reducing harmful inflammation that could be causing much of your pain. Inflammation in itself isn’t all bad. It is the body’s immune response.  When the body senses harm or […]

Five Awesome Facts About Kangen® Water

Fact Number 1 Kangen® Water has more antioxidants per glass than ANY known food or supplement.  With just one glass of Kangen Water you get more antioxidants than if you consumed an entire table of fresh organic produce all day long! So, Why are Antioxidants so Important Anyway?  Oxidation is a natural process that happens.  […]

Alkalized Water For Your Health!

Alkalized water for your health! What does this even mean?  How important is water to our health and survival? Is alkaline water different than alkalized water? Water Supports Every System in our Body Every cellular action that happens in the body happens via water!  Water delivers nutrients, transmits energy and is the vehicle for waste […]

Are We Poisoning Ourselves and Our Families?

We all have been told over and over, “Eat your vegetables, Eat Your Produce!”  We know fresh fruits and vegetables are the foundation for a healthy diet.  Without good nutrition, our bodies cannot work efficiently and things start to break down.  But what if we are actually poisoning our families with our produce? The problem […]

The Problem With Plastic Bottles

What is the problem with plastic bottles? Communities are banning the use of plastic bags, but what about plastic bottles? How much are they impacting the environment? How much are they impacting your health? The Environment Unfortunately, we are drowning in our plastic. Over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day. Did you […]

Why the Need to Alkalize?

Why the Need to Alkalize? Information is exploding concerning the need to eat an alkaline diet and alkalize.  Let me boil it down to some key points.  In this article we will address basic points about the pH scale and how this is related to diet, health, suffering and disease.  Next, we will discuss why […]

The Benefits of Turmeric

What is Turmeric?  Turmeric is a spice that has been consumed for thousands of years in India and China.  It is used extensively in cooking for its rich flavor as well as its deep yellow- orange color, but it is also considered to be a key medicinal herb used for many health conditions. What Are […]

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water   Isn’t water just water?  Isn’t all water just the same?  It’s surprising how many of us think that, yet at the same time we all know there is salt water, fresh water, hard water, soft water, alkaline water, acid water, and this is just the beginning.   Water is extremely […]