Cleaning With Kangen’s Strong Alkaline Water

Cleaning with  Kangen’s Strong Alkaline Water This is something that took me quite a while to wrap my brain around.  I really thought the folks who taught that Kangen’s™  Strong Alkaline water could be as good of a detergent, degreasor or stain remover as any commercial brand were making exaggerated claims.  How could using JUST […]

Cleaning with Kangen Water

Cleaning with Kangen® Water Did you know that highly alkaline water with a high pH level is actually utilized worldwide to scrub surfaces clean of stain and muck? Stubborn grease and grime do not stand a chance against this powerful water substance. Hence, this means that you can actually use this water as a natural […]

Cooking with Kangen Water

Cooking with Kangen Water Kangen Water continues to soar in global popularity  While this miracle water replenishes the body and encourages natural healing from within, more people are now cooking food with Kangen than ever before. According to industry experts, this amazing water boils quicker and cuts down on both utilities and cooking time. In […]

Cooking with Kangen Water

Kangen Water is so much more than just drinking water.  When you begin cooking with Kangen Water in the kitchen,  it becomes the secret ingredient improving the quality and taste of your food. Have you been looking for a secret ingredient to spruce up your favorite recipes? What if I told you that you can […]