Five Awesome Facts About Kangen® Water

Fact Number 1 Kangen® Water has more antioxidants per glass than ANY known food or supplement.  With just one glass of Kangen Water you get more antioxidants than if you consumed an entire table of fresh organic produce all day long! So, Why are Antioxidants so Important Anyway?  Oxidation is a natural process that happens.  […]

Alkalized Water For Your Health!

Alkalized water for your health! What does this even mean?  How important is water to our health and survival? Is alkaline water different than alkalized water? Water Supports Every System in our Body Every cellular action that happens in the body happens via water!  Water delivers nutrients, transmits energy and is the vehicle for waste […]

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water   Isn’t water just water?  Isn’t all water just the same?  It’s surprising how many of us think that, yet at the same time we all know there is salt water, fresh water, hard water, soft water, alkaline water, acid water, and this is just the beginning.   Water is extremely […]

Do You Suffer From Dehydration?

Do you know what dehydration can do to you? Proper hydration is critical to your overall wellness, so this is a topic that should be important to everyone.  Dehydration is a very common problem but one that, at the least, can cause you to feel tired or “worn out.” At the most, it can be […]

Best Way to Drink Water

Best Way to Drink Water Tip for Today – What is the Best Way to Drink Water? Most of us take water for granted.  We know it is important to drink, but we go about our lives drinking only a few glasses per day.  Water is essential for every cellular action within the body.  Our […]

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Sleep Deprived? Are you one of the millions who struggle falling asleep at night?  If you check the shelves at the   at the local health food stores, you will quickly see that you have a lot of company.  As you walk down the aisles, you will find bottle after bottle of some product promising answers […]

Dehydration and Health

Dehydration and Health What if the answer to most of our health concerns was simply in a glass of water?  Well, this is what many people are actually discovering.  The thing is – you have to be drinking the right kind of water.   When you drink Kangen® Water, you will receive extra benefits regarding […]

Do You Struggle Drinking Enough Water?

Do You Struggle Drinking Enough Water? If so, you are like most Americans.  Maybe the reason you struggle drinking enough water has a very simple solution.  Maybe your problem is simply you aren’t drinking the right QUALITY of water.   It can be hard to drink the correct quantity if we haven’t taken care of the […]