Five Awesome Facts About Kangen® Water

Fact Number 1 Kangen® Water has more antioxidants per glass than ANY known food or supplement.  With just one glass of Kangen Water you get more antioxidants than if you consumed an entire table of fresh organic produce all day long! So, Why are Antioxidants so Important Anyway?  Oxidation is a natural process that happens.  […]

Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health

Why Kangen Water Has Such a Profound Impact on our Health? Is it Because it is Alkaline? The quick answer is, “NO!”  Kangen Water is alkaline water, but the alkalinity in itself is not the answer.  Almost all tap water IS alkaline.   Are people getting substantial health benefits when they drink tap water? I think […]

Kangen® Water – The Best Water!

There is no doubt that water is the source of health and life. It is not a secret that we are more than 70 % water and that we can only live a few days without water. With this in mind it is logical to go to the next step and understand that in order […]

Turmeric, Curcumin and Kangen Water

Another Name for Turmeric – Ukon! Turmeric known in Japan as Ukon, is native to Southeast Asia and is common in other parts of Asia, India and Africa.  Turmeric is a member of the Curcuma botanical group which is part of the Ginger family of herbs.   The golden yellow colored roots are crushed and […]

Dehydration and Health

Dehydration and Health What if the answer to most of our health concerns was simply in a glass of water?  Well, this is what many people are actually discovering.  The thing is – you have to be drinking the right kind of water.   When you drink Kangen® Water, you will receive extra benefits regarding […]