Is Alkalizing the Body Beneficial?

Is Alkalizing the Body Important? Alkalizing the body is a hot topic today with opinions abounding everywhere leading to a lot of confusion.  Let me help you cut to the chase with some important facts.  First of All – Why is Body pH Even Important? Before we get into the nitty gritty of answering the […]

Kangen® Water – The Best Water!

There is no doubt that water is the source of health and life. It is not a secret that we are more than 70 % water and that we can only live a few days without water. With this in mind it is logical to go to the next step and understand that in order […]

Dehydration and Health

Dehydration and Health What if the answer to most of our health concerns was simply in a glass of water?  Well, this is what many people are actually discovering.  The thing is – you have to be drinking the right kind of water.   When you drink Kangen® Water, you will receive extra benefits regarding […]