A Revolutionary Business Opportunity

Direct Selling – A Leading Business Model

Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling?   According to Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine, direct selling is one of the few business opportunities that offers average people with above average ambition to achieve an above average lifestyle, peace of mind and financial security.

Direct Selling has been endorsed by financial experts Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

Are you interested in a new business opportunity?

Kangen Water Business Opportunity Are you looking for a company that has a Revolutionary Business Opportunity that is so unique that it actually recently received a patent? How many people say, “But my MLM opportunity really is different.”  Before, they go any further in the conversation,  stop and ask them, “Is your business model patented?”  In order to get a patent the Business Model has to be significantly different than all the other business models.  So, when everyone else says their model is different, it often is just a slight variation of what we have all seen over and over.

How is the Black Box Business Model different than the traditional MLM business model?

Well, in simple terms, the answer is numbers. In the traditional MLM model you make about 5% on a sale. So, if someone starts to purchase your product that costs $150 per month, then you make approximately $7.50. How many people do you need to have signed up purchasing your product each month in order to earn $285? The answer is 38!  That’s 38 people purchasing $150 of product every single month.  That’s a lot of people.Black Box Business Opportunity

Unfortunately, the problem continues from there because how many of those 38 people continue to purchase month after month?  Over time, most of these people don’t continue on which means you are constantly looking to plug the drain in the bathtub.

Listen to the Enagic Business Model Presentation – An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Combine the incredible business opportunity with a world class product that everyone needs  – the result is a business like none other.

Interested in learning more about how the compensation plan works?  Click on the following video.

 Contact me if you would like to find out how you can join one of the top teams in the country – an alliance of professional leaders with demonstrated results!


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