Alkalized Water For Your Health!

Alkalized water for your health! What does this even mean?  How important is water to our health and survival? Is alkaline water different than alkalized water?

Water Supports Every System in our Body

Every cellular action that happens in the body happens via water! 
Water delivers nutrients, transmits energy and is the vehicle for waste removal.

Proper hydration with the best water is what helps the body work efficiently.  Without good hydration the body just cant function properly.  The immune system doesn’t work well, people have more difficulty sleeping, they will feel tired and run down and it will even be more difficult to exercise.

Dehydration – The Hidden Problem of Many Health Issues

Unfortunately, most people are dehydrated and they don’t even realize the severity of their dehydration.  Could it be that if people just took care of their dehydration issue that many of their health concerns might be minimized or even eliminated?  Quite profound!  Sometimes the simple answers are the best ones!

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If hydration really is so key to the foundation of our health, then why aren’t we drinking more water.  This could be because of several reasons.  Most of us have heard all of our lives, “Drink water, it is good for you!”  What holds us back?  Usually, it is the taste or how it makes us feel.  When we don’t like how it tastes, we aren’t going to drink much of it.   Or, if we drink too much of it at a time, we feel bloated or like the water is sloshing all around in us.  When we have those uncomfortable feelings, who wants to drink more water?

Kangen®Water! The Water People Want to Drink!

With Kangen®Water, this is not so.  First of all, what draws many to Kangen®Water is simply the fresh taste of it.  Dr. Horst Filtzer, MD said the first thing he noticed when he tasted the water was that he liked it.  Others notice that there is a smoothness to it unlike any other water they have ever tasted. Parents notice that children are drawn to it and WANT to drink Kangen®Water.  This is a completely different scenario than what parents normally face.  Most parent’s face a constant battle to get their children to drink water and not sugary drinks or milk.

Some people even find themselves craving Kangen®Water which is a cool thing to experience! Others who have struggled with often feeling bloated after drinking tap or bottled water, no longer notice these unpleasant feelings when they drink Kangen®Water.

Chronic Dehydration

Many people who are chronically dehydrated no longer feel thirsty with Kangen®Water.  This is because they have deprived their body of water for such extended periods of time, their bodies turn off their thirst detectors.  When these people start drinking Kangen®Water and finally get hydrated, their bodies say, “Pour more of that wonderful water in!”  Their ability to experience thirst is reactivated when drinking Kangen®Water in a way that many have not experienced in years!

What Makes Kangen®Water So Different? Why Do People Want to Drink it?

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Kangen®Water is Electrolyzed, Energized, and Alkalized water.  Now, that is a mouthful.  Simply put, when water is electrolyzed through a Kangen®Water machine, manufactured by Enagic®, energy goes into the water.

The minerals that are naturally occurring in the water receive the charge which changes the structure of the water.   When this happens, the water clusters together in smaller clusters than what it was before it was charged.  This smaller clustering of the water dramatically increases the human body’s ability to absorb Kangen®Water.

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More absorption equals more hydration. The key to hydration is not how much water we drink, but how much water we are absorbing. If we drink a lot of water, but it just quickly passes through and eliminated, we are getting very few benefits from the water. 

What is the Difference Between Alkalized Water and Alkaline Water?

The short answer is Alkaline water is alkaline because of a chemical change.  Alkalized Water is alkaline because of an electrical change.

Alkaline water is water that is alkaline because chemicals have been added to it.  For instance, adding baking soda can make it alkaline.  Often inorganic minerals are used in bottled water to make it alkaline.  These inorganic minerals, unfortunately, create another problem.  The body has a hard time knowing what to do with all of these inorganic minerals that shouldn’t be there.  They can build up and create new problems! 

Alkalized Water or Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) is alkaline because of the electrical charge.  There is no build up in the body when it is consumed which makes it totally safe to drink.   Because the water is alkalized through the energy, the energy is gone after a couple of days.  This is why you will never find Kangen®Water on the shelf.  You can’t bottle it and keep the properties in it. 

If you would like to find out more about the best source of Alkalized Water, go to or call Marianne at 503-449-5242 to learn more.


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