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Marianne Greer
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I am a professionally trained home economist who has always had a passion for nutrition.  I’ve known for years that there is a significant link between what we put into our mouths and our health.  I thought good nutrition meant good food.  I thought if I made sure the family had good wholesome food with a high nutritional value, I was taking care of them.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t know was huge.   I was leaving out potentially the biggest piece of the nutrition equation – the quality of the water that we were drinking.

I used to think that filtration was the only concern.  Because of this, I wanted to make sure the water my family was drinking was as pure as possible. Since we live in a city, we were on city municipal-water.  City water has chlorine in it.  There is more of it in some cities than others.  Bottom line, I knew drinking a bunch of chlorine wasn’t good for us so our family had a very nice filtration system in place.

I eventually learned, however, there is far more to water than just filtration.  Have you ever wondered why some water is easier to drink than others?  Why so many Americans struggle to drink even a few glasses of water each day?   As I began to learn about alkaline water and specifically Kangen Water, I soon discovered properties of water that were going to forever completely change how I viewed this incredible substance.

What got me off my duff to look into this water was my 21 year son who had been sick for three years.  I kept thinking he was going to soon turn a corner and get better.  He was young and he had his youth on his side.  As the months and eventually years continued to click on by without any improvement, I became a desperate mother grasping for answers.  I had heard of this special water, but had dismissed it thinking it was just another gimmicky thing.  In my sheer desperation to find answers for my son, I decided to try this special water believing at the time I most likely was wasting my time.

What happened far surpassed anything I could have imagined.  My son regained his health after just one month of drinking the water.   I remember the day he came to me and said, “What is with this water?  I just went to the gym and did a full work out and afterwards played a pick-up game of basketball.  I haven’t felt this good in three years.”  Since I was drinking it as well, I also, was experiencing many changes in the way I felt.  My energy level shot through the roof, my brain fog went away, I started sleeping better at night, my skin (which use to feel like sand paper) became very soft and smooth, my shoulder pain went away and I lost weight.

Now that I know what I do about water, this is the only water I will ever want to drink.

I love telling people about Kangen Water as it is considered the very best drinking water available. When we are hydrated, the body can clean itself out, work more efficiently, and begin to heal. Very simple, but very powerful.

Please check out my website at www.PortlandKangenWater.com to learn more about the product. Let’s spread true health one family at a time!

Contact me if you would like to find out more.   Marianne at 503-449-5242.




  1. Sonia Johnson

    Hello! So glad to have found your website. I have a Kangan machine that I have been using for about 8 years, but I am looking for the blue drinking water glass that is shown on your site. Do you sell those? Also, I would like to buy some of the Ukon Tumeric capsules. Do you sell those as well?
    Sonia Johnson

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