Kangen Water ™  Martial Arts Testimonial

Meet Rob Basque Sensei, a martial arts expert in the Portland, Oregon area.  Kangen Water TestimonialRob has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years with the last 24  years specializing in the Bujinkan and is a  15th degree black belt master instructor.   He is the owner of Northwest Bujinkan.   He  also holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He has won high acclaim among elite military training groups.  He has been regularly  traveling to Japan  for over 23 years to study Ninjutsu and to train directly with Grandmaster Hatsumi Sensei (Soke) and with the Japanese Shihan (master instructor) of the Bujinkan.

He also did competitive body building for about 20 years which took a huge toll on his body, specifically his knees.  Because of the severe pain it can be difficult for him to climb stairs or just get up and down from the mat in his training.

The Downhill Journey with Painful Knees

The last ten years he had seen a significant increase in the amount of pain which would be intensified during his trips to Japan because of the intensity of the training.  The pain in his knees would be so bad that he would have to take ibuprofen on an average of three to five times a day with 600 mg per dose.  He knew this wasn’t good for his health, but it was the only way to tolerate the pain.

The Kangen Water™ Difference with Pain

20160630_121450_resizedOn this trip the only difference was that he brought along his Kangen Water machine.  In Rob’s own words, what he experienced was, “Unbelievable! An Unbelievable Difference!”    He said he eventually still had to take ibuprofen, but it wasn’t until day twelve of the trip.  The relief from the ibuprofen lasted for two days and then he had to take two more tablets right before he  came back home to the US.   He was surprised that he didn’t have to take anything until almost the end of the trip and then when he did take something – he was surprised in how long the ibuprofen worked.  Usually, it only lasted for a few hours.  This time, what he took gave him a benefit for a couple of days!   According to Rob, that had never happened before.

Other changes he noticed was an increased energy level, much improved sleep, overall pain reduction and his outlook in life was so much better.     Rob felt so different in his ability to train that he has said that the number one item that he will take with him on any future trips will be his Kangen Water machine because of the difference it made in his ability to train.

It Wasn’t Just What Rob Felt, Others Could Observe a Difference in Him!

The difference was so much that others that he has regularly trained with made a number of comments on the improvements that they observed in Rob on this trip. His ability to move was more fluid showing greater mobility.  They could see a difference in his attitude commenting on how much happier he appeared with far fewer mood swings.  Rob did agree that when you are in a lot less pain, you do tend to do better and have a better outlook on life, especially when you don’t have to take a bunch of medications to alleviate pain.

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