Why the Need to Alkalize?

Why the Need to Alkalize? Information is exploding concerning the need to eat an alkaline diet and alkalize.  Let me boil it down to some key points.  In this article we will address basic points about the pH scale and how this is related to diet, health, suffering and disease.  Next, we will discuss why […]

The Benefits of Turmeric

What is Turmeric?  Turmeric is a spice that has been consumed for thousands of years in India and China.  It is used extensively in cooking for its rich flavor as well as its deep yellow- orange color, but it is also considered to be a key medicinal herb used for many health conditions. What Are […]

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water

Benefits of Drinking Quality Water   Isn’t water just water?  Isn’t all water just the same?  It’s surprising how many of us think that, yet at the same time we all know there is salt water, fresh water, hard water, soft water, alkaline water, acid water, and this is just the beginning.   Water is extremely […]

Do You Suffer From Dehydration?

Do you know what dehydration can do to you? Proper hydration is critical to your overall wellness, so this is a topic that should be important to everyone.  Dehydration is a very common problem but one that, at the least, can cause you to feel tired or “worn out.” At the most, it can be […]

Are You Just Plain Fed Up With Our Food Supply?

Are you just plain fed up with what is happening with our food supply?  Evidently, the American public is as well and it is flexing its muscle in this area.  Those of us who are making healthy choices are being heard because of how we are spending our dollars! It is exciting to see that as a country we […]

Is Diet Soda Pop on the Downhill Slide?

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (December 9th, 2013),  the American public is waking up to the fact that diet soda pop should not be the drink of choice. Do Americans Gain Weight with Diet Sodas? For decades Americans have been led to believe that it was possible to have a beverage […]

Best Way to Drink Water

Best Way to Drink Water Tip for Today – What is the Best Way to Drink Water? Most of us take water for granted.  We know it is important to drink, but we go about our lives drinking only a few glasses per day.  Water is essential for every cellular action within the body.  Our […]

Pets Love Kangen Water

Pets Love Kangen Water Some people have asked if pets love Kangen Water as much as people do.   As people get incredible results with the water, is it also the best water for our pets? Fun Experiments With Pets and Kangen Water Well, there are some fun experiments that you can do with your […]