Best Way to Drink Water

Best Way to Drink Water Tip for Today – What is the Best Way to Drink Water? Most of us take water for granted.  We know it is important to drink, but we go about our lives drinking only a few glasses per day.  Water is essential for every cellular action within the body.  Our […]

Best Way to Store & Transport Kangen Water

Best Way to Store & Transport Kangen Water Tip of the Day with Marianne Greer from Portland Kangen Water in historic Florence, Italy, Tip for the Day – Kangen Water Has Four Properties to Consider When Storing or Transporting The water is time, light, air and motion sensitive. So, if you need to store the water, […]

Pets Love Kangen Water

Pets Love Kangen Water Some people have asked if pets love Kangen Water as much as people do.   As people get incredible results with the water, is it also the best water for our pets? Fun Experiments With Pets and Kangen Water Well, there are some fun experiments that you can do with your […]